AWANA at Country Oaks

AWANA will begin again on Wednesday, September 3.

Club meetings for preschool through 12th grade are on Wednesdays at 6:00pm (September through May).

What is AWANA?

2ericpreaching2 Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed … AWANA! Awana at Country Oaks is a weekly, Bible-centered ministry geared towards youth from preschool – high school. AWANA’s goal is to reach out to children, teenagers, and their families with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. (Learn about the prayer, vision, mission and values of AWANA at “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  ~ 2 Timothy 2:15

When We Meet

All AWANA Clubs (Preschool – 6th grade) , AWANA Trek (Middle School 7th-8th) and AWANA  Journey (High School) Wednesday nights at Country Oaks Baptist Church 6:00pm – 8:00pm September through May

For more information on our different clubs and to find the registration forms for your child’s club, please click on a link below:

Welcome/Info Letter and All Club Registration Forms

Though club night is very exciting for the kids, and often the highlight of their week, we recognize that most of the spiritual instruction is going to happen as parents help their kids memorize the verses at home and explain the meaning of each verse. Our “AWANA at Home” program helps parents learn how to bring the three key elements of AWANA into your home: Scripture memory, Bible teaching, and game time.

More Info on AWANA

AWANA is an international, Bible – centered children’s and youth ministry providing local churches with weekly clubs, programs, and training for students in pre-school through high school. Their goal is to equip churches to reach kids, and their families, with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. The acronym AWANA comes from the first letters of Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed as taken from 2 Timothy 2:15.

AWANA began in 1950 as a youth program at the North Side Gospel Center in Chicago, Illinois. Lance Latham, the church pastor, worked with Art Rorheim to develop a program that would appeal to young people, reach them with the gospel and train them in the Lord’s work. Other churches heard about the success of the AWANA program and asked if they could use it. By 1960, AWANA had registered 900 churches to start AWANA.

Today, more than 12,000 U.S. churches run AWANA. There are clubs in all 50 states. AWANA can also be found in over 3,300 churches in 109 other countries and 6 continents.  To view the AWANA International Doctrinal Statement visit

Club Night Format

An AWANA meeting consists of five (5) main parts. (Please note that each of these elements has different names in each of the different Clubs.)

Opening Time: All Clubs begin on the Game Square at 6:00 pm with Opening Ceremonies. Opening Ceremonies includes: flag salute, prayer, songs and announcements.

Handbook Time: During handbook time, clubbers recite the memory verses that they have been practicing at home. It is important that your child understand the verse as well as be able to recite it. Your child is required to recite the verse AND the reference. When the leader is satisfied that the clubber has covered the handbook material adequately, they will sign the handbook for awards.

Game Time: Game time offers clubbers the opportunity to participate as team members in physical and mental activities. This helps develop team spirit, good sportsmanship, coordination skills and self confidence. Although games are competitive in nature and winning is desirable, leaders are encouraged to give top priority to building and preserving each clubbers’ self esteem. To maintain the safety of our clubbers, children not wearing appropriate clothing and athletic shoes will not be allowed to participate in games.

Large Group Time: During Large Group time your clubbers will receive a Bible lesson or take part in an activity that enforces the theme and/or message of the night. The motivation for Large Group time is to create a safe atmosphere where clubbers can be motivated to “make decisions for Christ or strengthen their spiritual walk.”

Closing Time – Final announcements and recognition of Clubbers’ achievements.

Club Uniforms

The AWANA club requires that each clubber wear a uniform to participate in the program. Upon completion of the entrance booklet, a clubber is eligible to wear the AWANA uniform. We encourage each clubber to wear the uniform as AWANA requires that a clubber must be wearing a uniform in order to receive an earned award (unless a special theme is being held that night). Throughout the year, there will be occasional announced and unannounced uniform inspections. We will be checking that your child’s uniform is worn in a clean and orderly fashion, that he or she is in pants or shorts (no skirts) and that athletic shoes are worn (no boots or sandals).

Women’s Ministry Fall 2014

Sign up on Sundays in the Worship Center for one of our Fall Bible Studies

  •  Women’s Bible Study Kickoff Potluck – We’ll kick off our Fall Friday morning study on September 5 at 9:30am with an End of Summer Salad Potluck. Please bring a salad to share.  Childcare is available. All women are welcome to come!
  • Women’s Bible Study: On Friday mornings starting September 12 at 9:30am in the chapel we will be  offering The Peacemaking Church’s “Living the Gospel in Relationships” by Tara Barthel. The workbook is $10. Childcare is available. See more information below or at
  • Women’s Bible Study: On Wednesday evenings, Jody Irwin will be leading the Precepts study starting  Part 1 of Hebrews at 6pm on September 3 in Room 202.  The workbooks will be $25. AWANA is available for children age 3 and up.
  • Moms in Prayer – Join other moms in praying for your children, their teachers and schools. This year we have two groups meeting at COBC.  Jennifer Whitney (661.557.5135)will lead a Moms in Prayer group for Homeschool Moms/Valley Oaks Charter School on Tuesdays at 1:30pm.  Jennifer Sterk (661.972.5688) will lead a Moms in Prayer for Golden Hills School on Thursdays at 9:15am in the Choir/Conference Room.
  • MOPS – Mothers of Preschoolers - Moms with kids ages 5 & under: Find friendship, encouragement and fellowship! You are invited to join fellow moms and preschoolers at Tehachapi MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) the first Tuesday of each month starting September 2, 2014 at 9:00am at Christian Life Assembly Church, 920 Valley Blvd. Childcare is provided. or like our Facebook page “Tehachapi Mops” for more info!
  • There’s a FREE Local Women’s Retreat put on by Tehachapi Praying Moms called  “Refresh, Rejuvenate, Refocus” on Saturday, August 23 from 9am-3pm at    Christian Life Assembly. Call 661.827.7601 to reserve.

Living the Gospel in Relationships


Many Christian women struggle to live out what they believe.

While in their heads they know they are saved by grace, in their hearts they often feel distant from God and burdened by guilt.

They have a nagging sense of not being “good enough,” and the striving that results leaves little room for either peace or joy. They often feel the need to perform to earn the love of God and the love of others. In turn, their relationships with others often reflect this same performance mentality.

To top it off, as they face these struggles and difficult relationships, they sometimes feel utterly alone.

In the Peacemaking Church Women’s Study: Living the Gospel in Relationships, Tara Barthel brings the hope of the gospel to these issues of the heart. Tara unpacks how the gospel frees Christians from a performance-based mentality with God and others—helping women to remember anew God’s grace, and from that place of abundant love, learn how to give that same grace to others.

Throughout the eight 40-minute video sessions, Tara ties the power of the gospel to the biblical and practical principles of peacemaking:

Session 1: What It Means to Live the Gospel
Session 2: The Gap between What I Believe and How I Live
Session 3: My Real Problem Is …
Session 4: Real Hope for Lasting Change
Session 5: A Biblical Response to Conflict
Session 6: Repenting and Confronting
Session 7: Forgiveness and Mercy
Session 8: Relationships that Show the World Jesus

If you are interested in a women’s study that digs deep into Scripture and gets to the heart of our relational struggles–both vertical and horizontal–then please join the women studying the Peacemaking Church Women’s Study. You’ll be encouraged. You’ll be challenged. And most of all, you’ll see how the gospel is your hope in all of life, particularly in your relationships.

See more at: Peacemaking Women

Young Marrieds

Young Marrieds Bible Study Changes

To find out more about the Young Marrieds group at Country Oaks  Church, see Jennifer Whitney’s Facebook Group:“Young Married Bible Study”

Sunday August 24, 2014

STARTING WITH A KICKOFF POTLUCK AT THE WHITNEY’S HOME IN BVS ON SEPTEMBER 7 Then the Young Married Bible Sunday Evening Study will be meeting AT THE CHURCH starting on Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 6pm in Rooms 301 and 302. We’ll be changing things up a bit – starting the evening together for fellowship and prayer (in Room301) and then will be separating the husbands (302) and wives (301) for some focused discussion and study. Wives will be going through Linda Dillow’s book, What’s it Like to be Married to Me (and Other Dangerous Questions) with Jennifer Whitney. Husbands will be going through Leading with Love by Alexander Strauch with Brent Whitney. Childcare will be available onsite at the church.




What’s happening for High School Teens?

What’s Going on Right Now for High Schoolers?

For the latest on what is happening with the High School group at Country Oaks, please check out our Facebook Group – Country Oaks High School Group


Fall High School Bible Study will meet Thursdays at 6:30pm at Nathan Hiner’s home at 21651 San Gabriel.  The first meeting on September 4 will be an intro to the study and time to hang out and play some games. On Thursday, September 11 they will jump into Timothy Keller’s Gospel in Life -Grace Changes Everything. Parents, pick up an important letter about the study from Nathan in the Worship Center (or click below to download and print).

Click here to read the Letter about our Fall 2014 Bible Study from Nathan Hiner

High School WingsBS

About High School Ministries at COBC

Bible Study normally meets on Thursday nights at 6:30pm at Nathan Hiner’s home at 21651 San Gabriel – Tehachapi, CA.  For more info call 661-972-3576.

Student Ministries at COBC are led by Nathan Hiner. Contact Nathan at the church (822-1379) or at

What do we offer for High School Teens?

  • Every Sunday morning we meet in The Grove at 9:00am for Sunday School.
  • Weekly Bible Study meets on Thursdays at 6:30pm.
  • We take the holidays off but every year we have a great Christmas Party.

Senior Pastor,  Brent Whitney Explains His Vision for Our Teens

The pastors have decided to use the resources of the church to promote family worship and spiritual growth within the home by equipping parents to be the “pastors of the home.” Therefore, we do not offer a weekly “youth group” or a place for teens to “hang out” at church. Instead, we encourage teens to socialize and fellowship with all Christians, young and old alike so that they can benefit from the wisdom of more mature believers and grow in humility and gentleness as they minister to the needs of little children. Though we are not against age segregated fellowship, we believe that the church should play a more limited role in providing such opportunities.

Divorce Care

Divorce Care will start a new session on  Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 6:30pm in Room 402 at COBC.

DivorceCare  usually meets on Tuesdays at Country Oaks Baptist Church at 6:30pm in Room 402.  See schedule below for topics covered.  They will meet for 13 weeks.  Our schedule is posted at:  Divorce Care Schedule.

DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Don’t go through separation or divorce alone.

DivorceCare seminars and support groups are led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help. You’ll gain access to valuable DivorceCare resources to help you deal with the pain of the past and look forward to rebuilding your life.

Here’s the typical COBC DivorceCare Schedule:

  • 1          What’s Happening
  • 2          Healing / Help
  • 3          Anger
  • 4          Depression
  • 5          Loneliness
  • 6          Owner’s Manual
  • 7          New Relationships
  • 8          Financial Survival
  • 9          Kid Care
  • 10       Single Sexuality
  • 11        Forgiveness
  • 12        Reconciliation
  • 13        Growing Closer to God

You will find other helpful information and resources at Divorce Care.

DivorceCare usually meets in Room 402 at Country Oaks Baptist Church, Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm. One of Tehachapi’s most centrally located churches, Country Oaks’ address is 20915 Schout Road. For more information, call 822-1379.

Moms in Prayer Groups in Tehachapi

MIP Prayer

Tehachapi Moms in Prayer Groups Fall 2014

Experience the joy of replacing anxiety with peace and hope when you join with other moms in praying for your kids

Tehachapi HS MIP
Leader:  Joanne Moss
661-827-7601 Cell
Meets: Tehachapi Mountain Vineyard
Thursday at 10AM

Golden Hills ES MIP
Leader: Jennifer Sterk
661-972-5688 cell
Meets: Country Oaks Baptist Church
Thursday 9:15 AM

Monroe HS MIP
Leaders:  Gloria Jones, Maryann Hester, Maggie Morgan
661-822-1557 Gloria
Meets:  Parking lot of Latter Day Saints Church
Wednesdays at 1:00 PM

Valley Oaks Charter School/Homeschool
Leader:  Jennifer Whitney
661-557-5135 Cell
Meets: Country Oaks Baptist Church
Thursday at 1:30 PM

College & Career MIP
Leader:  Julie Myers
821-0524   (home)
Meets:  Christian Life Assembly
Thursdays at 8:00 AM

Evening Moms in Prayer Group
Leader: Karen Noble
2271 Westwood in Golden Hills
Time:  TBD

Special Needs Moms in Prayer Group
Leader: Diana Camp
Time and Place: TBD

Need Facilitators for:
Charter Schools (Abernathy, Hope Academy, Mojave River).  Cummings Valley Elementary, Heritage Oak School, Jacobsen Middle School, Tompkins Elementary

Results of Special Business Meeting


We have a new Associate Pastor

On August 17, 2014 Nathan Hiner (shown with his diploma from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) was voted in as the new Associate Pastor at Country Oaks Baptist Church.  Congratulations Nathan!

Sunday, July 27, 2014 – Announcement

Senior Pastor Recap - On April 6, 2014, Pastor Walker announced his desire to step down as Senior Pastor and assume a roll as Pastor Emeritus. On that date we began the process of appointing a Pulpit Committee. The Pulpit Committee performed their work and made their recommendation to the Elder Board. We concurred with their recommendation and announced that recommendation to COBC’s membership for consideration and voting. On July13, 2014 the COBC members who voted concurred with our recommendation by a vote of 93% approval. After consideration of all the inputs and discussions, effective July 23, 2014, the Elder Board appointed Pastor Whitney as our new Senior Pastor.

Associate Pastor News - Our Church Constitution and Bylaws also require congregational input when hiring anyone to a pastoral position. This morning we would like to announce our recommendation to hire Nathan Hiner as an Associate Pastor. Nathan has been working here at COBC for nearly six years helping with Young Adult and Youth Ministries. He has completed his Master of Divinity degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is ready to begin full time ministry in response to God’s call on his life.

Special Business Meeting - The Elders have called a Special Business Meeting on the evening of August 17, 2014 to hear from you again by ballot regarding hiring Nathan Hiner. If you are unavailable to participate by ballot on August 17, 2014 please drop by the church office to fill out an *Absentee Ballot. The results of the balloting will be announced the evening of August 17, 2014. We are excited about adding Nathan Hiner to our pastoral staff and we ask that you be in prayer for Nathan and Pastor Brent in these new roles here at COBC.

30 Days – According to the church bylaws, for 30 days the Board of Elders shall make known to the congregation the name of the pastoral candidate (Nathan Hiner). Should any member of COBC have reason based on fact as to why a candidate should not be appointed, the member should discuss the matter with the candidate according to Matthew 18:15-20. Bylaws are available in the church office.

*Absentee Ballots Summer is a busy time. Some of you will be traveling or on vacation when the vote for Associate Pastor is taken. Members may vote by absentee ballot. Ballots and the ballot box are now available in the church office and in the Worship Center on the following Sunday mornings: August 3, 10 & 17. Absentee ballots will be accepted in the church office through close of business on August 15, 2014.